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Works radiant  like a highlighter (also under the make-up)  and gives a wonderful glow.


Creates a beautiful glow  and uniform imperfections and ineffective units, making the complexion appear more even and fresher. The skin becomes intensely moisturized  and the complexion works immediately plumper and smoother . When used efficiently, it supports the natural cell renewal of the skin, protects and prevents premature skin aging.


Content: 7 pieces


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  • Padding:

    • stimulates the skin's own collagen formation 
    • accelerates cell regeneration
    • counteracts photoaging


    • makes the skin shine again
    • Ensures a perfect finish under make-up


    • The cells regenerating and padding effect 
    • Promotes the formation of collagen
    • Improves the elasticity of the skin


    • counteracts impurities effectively
    • accelerates the wound healing process for acne and pimples
    • promotes the regeneration of scar tissue
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