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AHA CLEAR PEEL - Fruchtsäurepeeling (20% fruit acid complex)

For a stunningly soft, smooth, refined complexion.

Removes dead skin cells and prevents premature skin aging. The fruit acid peeling can reduce lines and wrinkles, refine the pores, reduce impurities, harmonize the complexion and reduce age and pigment spots.

Your at-home hydrafacial in combination with our Clear Skin Serum.


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  • Pore refining:

    • shrinks the pores
    • gently exfoliates the skin 
    • frees the pores from excess sebum


    • regulates sebum production
    • relieves redness and irritation 
    • stimulates the body's own elastin and collagen formation 


    • lightens pigment spots and acne scars 
    • accelerates cell regeneration
    • ensures an even complexion
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