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Clear Skin Glow Mask - clarifying, skin-improving and revitalizing clay mask with fruit acid.


Cleans particularly deeply and ensures an even, fresh complexion. It refines the pores and gives the skin a clear, firm appearance. For an incomparable radiance of the skin.


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  • Clear complexion:

    • Your secret weapon in the fight against blemishes. The mask detoxifies your skin, removes blackheads and leaves a radiantly clean skin

    Regeneration & vitality:

    • stimulates the cell regeneration of your skin and thus ensures a faster healing process in skin inflammation

     Detox without additives:

    • The mask attracts dirt, sebum and harmful toxins like a magnet, unclogging pores. Impurities are reduced, pores are refined and your  skin can be better supplied with nutrients and oxygen again.
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