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Clear Skin Tonic with 5% AHA -against impurities

The Clear Skin Tonic can reduce enlarged pores, wrinkles, pigment spots as well as impurities and acne. The complexion appears purer and more even. Has an anti-inflammatory, healing-promoting and pain-relieving effect.


Specialwith impure skin.

  • Witch Hazel Water: - A natural skin remedy derived from the leaves and twigs of the witch hazel bush
  • contains essential oils that can help with various skin problems
  • 3 proven effects: anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic



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  • Clarifying:

    • counteracts impurities effectively
    • loosens dead skin cells
    • regulates excess sebum production


    • combats keratinization of the skin
    • has a pore-refining effect
    • accelerates the wound healing process for acne and pimples


    • relieves redness and irritation associated with rosacea
    • counteracts inflamed acne and pimple marks
    • suitable for sensitive skin
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