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Hyaluron Peptide Cream- A toned and radiant complexion - all day long.

The Hyaluron Peptide Cream is a perfume-free 24-hour cream with high-dose hyaluronic acid and Argireline (peptides).


The patented HyaCare filler ensures a wrinkle-free and plump complexion.The Hyaluron Peptide Cream is the perfect complement to the Hyaluron Peptide Serum.


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  • Antiaging:

    • The cells regenerating and padding effect
    • Promotes the formation of collagen
    • Improves the elasticity of the skin


    • nourished and appears smoother, plumper and firmer
    • Smoothes small wrinkles and lines


    • dehydrated skin layers of the facial skin are intensively cared for and regenerated by the unique hyaluron formulation (four different molecule sizes).
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