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Hydra Beauty Night Care- soft, firmer and clearer skin overnight.

The Hydra Beauty Night Care is a rich (also anti-aging) care to promote the regeneration process (skin cell renewal).

For a delicatefirmer and clearer skinover night.Babassu Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed Oil, Spilanthol, Argan Oil, Q10such asjojoba oilcontribute to a smoother complexion.


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  • Smoothing:

    • regulates the moisture supply overnight
    • to maintain moisture balance during sleep
    • Strengthening and stimulating the moisture supply of the upper layers of the skin


    • Supports skin regeneration overnight
    • On the skin, Q10  energizes cells and helps fight free radicals
    • This prevents wrinkles. This orange active ingredient has a rejuvenating effect and ensures healthier skin.
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