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Hydra Beauty Retinol Care (Vitamin A) promotes cell renewal and improves the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, pores and other blemishes.


retinolhas been a constant in anti-aging cosmetics for years. The positive effect on the appearance of the skin has been proven in various studies. The groundbreaking insight:

  • Retinol supportedthe structurethe skin structure,
  • itrefinedthe pores and helpsagainst acne
  • and it acts as a potent antioxidant against free radicals
  • Retinol reduces wrinkles

Vitamin A promotes the formation of these cells and supports the skin's regeneration process. It has a skin-improving effect and visibly smoother skin. Little bonus: Since retinol stimulates the production of healthy skin cells and regulates cell functions, it can also be very effective for acne. The cream contains a total of around 4% vitamin A complex, which roughly corresponds to the maximum value of 0.3% retinol units in face creams classified as safe by the EU.


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  • Brightening:

    • lightens pigment spots
    • accelerates cell regeneration
    • promotes the healing process of acne scars


    • ensures a more even complexion
    • relieves redness and irritation
    • has an anti-inflammatory effect


    • protects the skin from free radicals
    • slows down light-induced skin aging
    • Supports collagen formation


    • Instantly leaves skin looking smoother and more radiant
    • Corrects fine lines and uneven skin tone
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