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Hydra Beauty Washcare - Gentle, soothing 3in1 cream gel

Beauty Glow Tonic -  for a natural glow, this alcohol-free toner is enriched with nettle extract 

Hyper Hydrating Caviar Eye Care - Exclusive anti-aging care with caviar extract

Hydra Beauty day cream - Skin-improving day cream

Hydra Beauty Night Care - soft, firmer and clearer skin overnight

Glow peeling cream - For skin care of blemished and sensitive skin (especially blemishes!)

Hydra Glow Mask - Restructuring moisturizing mask with collagen, hyaluronic acid & aloe vera


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  • Padding:

    • Hyaluron pads the skin from the inside 
    • thus reduces wrinkles and lines
    • reduced dryness wrinkles and lines


    • Cares for the skin and supports its natural protective barrier


    • Provides the skin with intensive moisture
    • The skin is hydrated for a long time and a clear, radiant complexion is restored
    •  Hyaluronic acid acts as an endogenous "filler"
    • Stimulates the skin's microcirculation 
    • reduces dark circles and puffiness


    • removes make-up residues
    • cleans the skin down to the pores
    • regulates sebum production


    • Supports skin healing
    • has a pore-refining and clarifying effect
    • has an antioxidant effect
    • sets the pH value d. skin


    • smoothes the skin thanks to microfine peeling particles and vitamin E pearls and at the same time cleanses particularly gently.
    • Gently exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing sebum and dead skin cells

    Pore refining:

    • cleans the pores
    • deeply removes make-up residues
    • Frees clogged pores from sebum that has become stuck
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